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· Optimised tenant mix
· Effective asset management
· Targeted marketing

What AdReAn can do for your mall

AdReAn has been designed to help its users to improve their mall's performances by providing insightful data obtained by using state of art computer vision and other inputs.

Improve base and turnover rents
Improve base and turnover rents

AdReAn provides the leasing and asset managers quantifiable information of classified (gender, age, other) traffic flows that can be used when negotiating rents. Decisions on tenant mix and A/B testing can also be made based on demographic data.
AdReAn offers information that can be shared with your existing and potential tenants and provide more transparency of your mall’s customer behaviour. Such insights, can also be related to individual units and user-defined areas.

Enhance the effectiveness and return on investment of marketing activities
Enhance the effectiveness and return on investment of marketing activities

Measure how specific marketing efforts effect overall mall footfall, specific unit passer-by traffic, conversion rates, dwell time across different [demographic] groups Share such information with your tenants and demonstrate the insight that goes into designing marketing activities with clear KPIs.

Optimise tenant mix
Optimise tenant mix

AdReAn acts as a real time market-research tool, allowing you to understand the profile of your customers better and how it changes over time. Through asset management initiatives, the tenant mix of the mall can better correspond to your visitor or alter your visitor profile with new offerings to enhance the numbers of specific demographics.


Scalable deployment

Scalability is the key. All aspects of AdReAn has been designed to ensure that customers can extend full coverage to all stores.

Multiple mall support

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GDPR compliant

All data processed by AdReAn is aggregated rather than individualized, complying with GDPR personal data regulations and protecting customer and employee's privacy.

Data analysis module

Sate of the art diagnostic analysis module

More to come ...

Text Based Virtual Data Analyst

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Energy Saving Module

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Recommendation Module

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Use Case 1: Lease Management

Scenario: Lease Negotiations

As a first example we could say when

The leasing manager wants to lease two available units (Unit 1 & Unit 2) to a tenant that carries ready to wear clothes aiming at mall visitors of young female in 18-25 years old age bracket.

A casual observer could conclude that both units have a similar footfall. But thanks to Data Analysis Module, the lease manager can demonstrate the fact that Unit 1 has much better footfall of the targeted demographic (18-25 years old female).

So first we select areas of interests and data type that we would like to analyze. In this case, we select units 1 and 2 from Area Selection tool and data type of footfall since we would like to compare the traffic. In the first chart we investigate all gender and age groups but for the targeted analysis, for the second chart, we select a specific demographic group since it is our targeted segment for the same time period. And thanks to this powerful data analysis module, we can observe that even though overall traffic is similar for both units, Unit 1 has more footfall of the targeted demographics compare to Unit 2. Therefore, the potential tenant would be more successful in the Unit 1 instead of Unit 2.

Such demonstration of data will not only give a confidence to the potential tenant about the mall’s management but also will help the tenant to rent the most relevant unit for the maximum success.

Use Case 2: Marketing & Advertising Management

Scenario: Marketing & Advertising Effectiveness Measurement  

Another example of a use case could be

The tenants (Tenant A & Tenant B) that are selling toys would like the mall to make some events that will attract kids and their families to their stores.

The marketing manager organizes an event on Saturday 4. A casual observer could see that the footfall improves that Saturday compared to last three Saturdays. However, thanks to powerful Data Analysis Module, we can now have more detailed presentation of this improvement. In addition to this initial review, the marketing manager can analyze the data further and see that Tenant A has much better peel off rate than the Tenant B. This insightful information obtained thanks to our software, can be shared with Tenant B so that it can explore the ways of benefiting from the future events more.

Let’s see how the marketing manager can use AdReAn to make this solid case about the effectiveness of the event performance of the targeted tenants. First, we select the area of interests, tenant A and B as well as data type. Here, the marketing manager wants to see not only whether the traffic improved or not but also if the footfall levels of the area has been translated into the in-store traffic. Therefore, we select both footfall and peel off rates for the selected areas of interest. The marketing manager compares the data collected from last four Saturdays. So we select Saturdays in the period and frequency boxes. As it is seen in the charts, footfall has been improved in the last Saturday when the event took place. Moreover, Tenant A benefited more of converted traffic, 9% peel off rate,  into its store compared to Tenant B, 7% peel off rate. This insightful information can help Tenant B to make some necessary adjustments to its store operations so that it can also improve its peel off rate for the future events.

This observation and analysis will not only help the marketing manager to measure the effect of the event but also will allow the mall management to help Tenant B will improve its in store traffic.

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